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Report Apparently Confirms Hacking By Saudi Crown Prince | TIME ONLINE


Amazon founder’s phone Jeff Bezos According to experts, may have been hacked after
 he a file from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed's WhatsApp account
bin Salman has received
, This emerges from an analysis by IT forensic experts who examined the cell phone from Bezos. Had the report Vice released on Wednesday.

 is the owner of the newspaper Washington Postfor which the columnist Jamal Khashoggi worked and reported critically about Saudi Arabia
would have. Khashoggi was born in Saudi Arabia in October 2018
Istanbul killed. Crown Prince Mohammed was suspected of killing
ordered because some of the agents involved in the murder
worked directly for him.

According to the report, the IT forensic experts found the
FTI Consulting is "no known malware" and "none
 Proof of jailbreaking tools or known iOS exploits "on the
iPhone X from Bezos. However, the data showed that Bezos
 received a video from the Crown Prince's WhatsApp account and it
 in the hours afterwards to "an abnormal and extremely changed
Behavior of the phone ". Enormous amounts of data are in the
coming months from the phone.

A likely explanation for this, according to the report, is the
Use of spy software "like Pegasus from the NSO Group". Among other things, the software can read SMS messages, intercept calls and track whereabouts. According to the analysis, it is not surprising that the IT forensic experts do not
Espionage software found such products
often contain a self-destruct mechanism.

UN experts call for investigation

The alleged attack on the Bezos cell phone
 and of further victims an "immediate investigation" must be carried out by the USA
 and involve other competent bodies, demanded the
UN Special Rapporteurs Agnès Callamard and David Kaye.
Callamard and Kaye also referred to the forensic investigation they had before them.

They were "difficult
concerned "and demanded that possible investigations should also take place
"regular, long-term, direct and personal participation" of the
Involve the Crown Prince in his action against opposition supporters. The hacker attack on the cell phone from Bezos
 have aimed to report the Washington Post about
 To influence or "silence" Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Arabian embassy in
Washington rejected the allegations. In December, Saudi state television reported five people
were sentenced to death in the Khashoggi murder case. Saudi Arabia
has almost completely secreted the proceedings against the accused


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