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Prosecutors call for impartiality | TIME ONLINE


In impeachment proceedings against the US President
Donald Trump started the indictment with the opening plea.
Democratic prosecutor Adam Schiff announced extensive evidence to support allegations against the president. He called on the senators to be impartial
and allow a "fair process".

"The constitution gives you that
Responsibility to act as an impartial jury, "said the chairman of the
House Secret Service Committee in the Senate. Party membership should not be allowed
Role-play. "We are the constitution and the rule of law
Trump's Republicans have a majority in the Senate.

MEPs could decide what kind of democracy the US should be and what behavior citizens could expect from its president, Schiff said. He also asked the senators for new witnesses
listen to and request documents.

The Democrats in the US House of Representatives are suing Trump
Abuse of power and obstruction of the investigation in Congress. Schiff and the other prosecutors repeatedly showed videos and documents during their remarks to substantiate the allegations against Trump.

Trump is only the third president in the
US history, against the impeachment proceedings in the Senate
 The decision on these allegations lies with the Senate, which with one
Impeachment takes the role of a court. Because of the
Republican majority in the Senate is extremely unlikely to
Trump is removed from office.

Witness questioning is still controversial

Since Wednesday it has
Prosecution team of Democratic MPs – spread over three days – a total of 24 hours to try to get the senators from the
to convince both counts of the House of Representatives.
Then Trump's defense team has been on the move for just as long. The Senate
had on the night of Wednesday in an almost 13-hour session the
Procedure and the rules for the procedure laid down
, However, the Democrats failed in their attempt to influence the process.

 The indictment team consists of seven Democratic congressmen. The
 The President's team consists of eight lawyers and eight
Republican Congressmen together. It is managed by
White House legal adviser, Pat Cipollone, and Trumps
personal lawyer Jay Sekulow.

After the plea of ​​both
The senators should give sides the opportunity in the coming week
have to ask questions in writing. Only then should the Senate
decide whether or not witnesses are summoned.

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