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Litecoin trying to overcome higher fibonacci levels, the low volume makes the road complicated.


Litecoin is currently maintaining a small consolidation above the pivot point of the week at $ 56. Try to exceed the 23% Fibonacci level but the chances of doing so seem unlikely, the volume level is too low at this time to go to look again for the maximum reached last week.

We have a 38% Fibonacci level over $ 54 which is a point that LTC could look for a rebound, it would be ideal and the healthiest in this technical correction where we are. The upward trend is still maintained as we have already mentioned in previous analyzes.

A breakdown of levels such as $ 54 if we would be indicating a prolonged downward trend change to look for new support levels in the price or fibonacci points. At the moment there is no clear input signal. The RSI is at an intermediate level without telling us even if the price continues to rise or fall.

Hopefully more movements to make a decision within the LTC market.

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