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King Markus, finished, from | TIME ONLINE


Admittedly, this is super private now and should not be owned.
Because the columnist usually has an ice maker with every other politician,
where others have a heart, but at Markus Söder it is powerless. No matter if
Söder his space shuttle (Bavaria One Mission Future) introduces puppies in
the camera holds ("This is Idefix") or cuddles trees – he always looks at it
like a puzzled tadpole, and you think the guy is bal, Candy, baklava! He
is just cute, damn shit! If God has a spark of mercy on him
German people, he will send a sign to Söder, so that the call
hear and be crowned to the next chancellor. Chancellor, oh what! king
Markus, finished, out.

If you google Söder, you can find out how he does it every minute
Makes suggestions. The only reason the media doesn't report in real time is
because you would have to thin out the other departments to make room for him and his world
to accomplish. Anyway, if it were up to the columnist, everyone should be
Rename newspapers and only report about him Söder in the mirror. The
golden söder
or simply Söder, That this is stingy in spirit, wit and wit
Germany does not see what treasure it holds, it is also clear to you. Nevertheless
it hurts that nobody realizes: other countries have oil, we have sins. And
this söder bubbles and bubbles. No doubt he is Qatar among the
Prime Minister.

Last week alone, he suggested one from Munich
to make its own administrative district, 3,000 officials in surrounding provinces
embarrassed to distribute all authorities across the state and everything in
he wanted to divide Bavaria into everything. The surprise was correspondingly great.
The Mercury commented: "Spectacular." The Mercury relates to Christian Social Union as the
Nice for me-Magazin zu Rossmann. It is a specialist medium for
Purpose of voter loyalty. With "redistribute Bavaria" how Mercury Söder's plans
summarized, one immediately thinks of territorial reforms and new demarcations. As far as we know, Söder did not sit with his dog Bella in these plans
("an absolute whirlwind") in a hut on the Obersalzberg over the
Drawing board bent, so there is no need to worry. His labrador bitch
By the way, Fanni died last September ("She was in the heart of the
Family. We will miss them very much").

Söder's colleagues reacted very much to the idea of ​​the government reform
surprised. Everything would be different Munich the eighth district,
formally no longer Upper Bavaria, and there would also be new constituencies. How
that affects the weighting of votes in elections, one learns about it
nothing yet, but Söder would not be Söder if he made any mistakes
would allow. He called the whole "a declaration of love to Bavaria", and one
is pleased that someone is whistling for language from the political advice laboratory and
just let his heart speak. He has a kind heart.

No, no, of course that wasn't all. The week has
finally seven days and such a Bavarian renovation makes the Söder almost
by the way, at the sausage stall while he shuffles. He's also got that
Cabinet thought about it and decided that it should be rejuvenated. His
own cabinet in Bavaria is already equal, and next is that
Federal cabinet turn. If need be, he will send other ministers to Berlin.

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