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Robert Habeck calls Donald Trump's speech a "disaster" | TIME ONLINE


Green chief Robert Habeck criticized the speech by US President Donald Trump at the annual conference of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. "Trump's speech was a disaster for the conference," said Habeck. After the appearance of the US President, it was "even clearer" to see that the direction had to be changed: "We have to start the fight with Donald Trump, he is on the other side."

The US president had in Davos warned of pessimism. Fear and doubt are not good, one should look more optimistically. "We have to reject the ongoing prophets of doom and the predictions of an apocalypse," said Trump, without saying the word climate change.

World Economic Forum – Trump praises its own economic policy
According to President Trump, the American dream is back. Falling unemployment and new trade agreements are signs of the prosperity of the US economy.

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According to Habeck, the US President's speech in Davos showed the problem: "Some politicians are moving even faster in the direction that has only brought our planet into the difficult situation we are in." Greta Thunberg called for more commitment to climate change at the economic forum.

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