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Oryzon Genomics puts the direct towards the bearish gap of 3.75 euros


Since last October the titles of Oryzon Genomics have been based on an impeccable straight line of acceleration with five points of support or tangency in it.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

In view of the long-term chart, we can see how the titles of Oryzon Genomics They seem to be shaping a large triangle (decreasing highs and increasing lows). And within it the high part, by definition resistance, would happen at this time around four euros. The base, by definition support, at 2.40 euros. And within it, everything indicates that the price has set course for the important resistance zone that it presents in the bearish hollow of the July 15 session at 3.75 euros. We are going to see how it behaves in the face of this important resistance zone, since experience has shown us on numerous occasions that this type of 'gaps' Hardly close (cancel) at the first occasion presented. Closing it would undoubtedly be an important sign of strength in the listing.

Daily chart of Oryzon Genomics since July 2017

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