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Oil corrects strongly against the closure of two platforms in Libya


The oil corrects with falls of 1% after reaching rise to highs of more than a week ago. Two oil bases located in Libya have begun to close and thus reduce the supply of oil present in the market.

Some analysts remove iron from the matter and claim that Libya's productive decline can be replaced without major problems by other countries.

"The crude oil market is still well supplied thanks to the healthy safety cushion, in other words, the upward momentum at its prices can be fleeting," said experts at the oil broker, PVM. "We don't worry too much about supply and demand because OPEC can cover setbacks," underline those of PAJ.

The closure of the two shale extraction plants takes place by the government-led blockade in parallel that threatens the region and has taken crude as a hostage. "An extension of the current disruption of oil in Libya is enough to undermine oil reserves," they warn from ING.


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