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Magdalena Rogl: "I don't think it's bad when you cry at work"


"I shout at my screen when something is not going the way I want to," says Magdalena Rogl in the podcast.

"I tried to hide that for a long time
I did not have a high school and did not study, "says Magdalena Rogl in the ZEIT ONLINE podcast Fresh to work, The 34-year-old, who today acts as Head of Digital Channels Microsoft was not a good student. At the age of 16, she changed to the
To drop out of school. She wanted to be a childcare worker and started one

"I noticed that I didn't feel like reading to my children anymore."

Magdalena Rogl, Head of Digital Channels at Microsoft

Rogl, who was born in Munich, had her first child at 19, four years later she became a mother for the second time. When her husband separated from her a short time later, she was 24 years old. During the day she worked full time in a crèche. When her own children were in bed in the evening, she went to a 450-euro job as community manager Focus Online to. But that did not go well for long: The money was not enough, she was only sad. "If you work with small children all day and there are children again in the evening, you will lose love at some point. I realized I was no longer interested in reading to my children," Rogl recalls in the podcast.

Rogl started applying for other jobs, wrote over 50 applications – and only received rejections. "I was really scared. I had the feeling that nothing would work anymore." Finally, it worked, in 2016 she got a promise from Microsoft Germany. Today she sits on many podiums, appears at conferences and talks about digitization, diversity and the compatibility of work and family. Sometimes she still has the feeling that she can't have a say everywhere, Rogl says in the podcast. For example, when it comes to "business-heavy issues". But now she has learned to deal with it.

In the podcast, Rogl also talks about her leadership style. Difficult conversations always prepare them well: when do they lead – and where? Sometimes she takes a colleague in her arms. She says, "I don't think it's bad when you cry at work." She also has emotional outbursts at work: "I shout at my screen when something is not going the way I want to." Your team does it with humor – and the candy bar in the department.

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