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Elon Musk Troela Mark Zuckerberg and Joe Biden with a meme on Twitter


Elon Musk has trod Mark Zuckerberg and the Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States, Joe Biden with a meme on his official Twitter profile.

The message, which in less than two hours accumulates 265 retweets and 3,100 likes, is a response to an article in which Biden's statements are referred to in which Silicon Valley leaders are referred to as "little creeps" who make video games that "teach you to kill people."

In the image you can see Zuckerberg when he appeared at the United States Congress for the massive data leak that Facebook had suffered in 2018.

This is not Musk and Zuckerberg's first rifirrafe. In 2017, the founder of Facebook criticized Musk's vision of artificial intelligence, the latter considers it a potential threat to humanity. The owner of Tesla counterattacked in early 2018 by joining the #DeleteFacebook movement.

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