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Central Council of Jews sees "explosion of anti-Semitism" | TIME ONLINE


In the face of increasing anti-Semitism '
 the Central Council of Jews has the people in Germany for Jewish
 Called life. In Germany and Europe there is an "explosion of anti-Semitism", criticized the Vice-Chairman of the Central Council,
Abraham teacher. Many Germans are unfamiliar with the Jews in this country. With an action year in 2021, Jewish life in Germany should become visible again.

"Very few know what Jews are and what is Jewish
Life is, "said Teacher. In addition to ignorance, lack of interest, reservations and tangible complaints, the Vice-Chairman of the Central Council complained
Hostility to which Jews are exposed. There was no wave of emigration, "but that was Jewish
Thinking about it every now and then is clear, "said teacher.

The nationwide campaign year should show what Jewish life is, and more
contribute that this life is also possible in the future. You can't and don't want the Shoah
forgotten, but look beyond: "What is it
cultural, what is the scientific contribution, what is religious
Contribution that Jewish people have made to this country, "added the teacher.

Diversity of Jewish life in Germany should become visible

According to their own statements, the organizers want to make the diversity of modern, Jewish life visible and reduce fear of contact. "Those who know something are less susceptible to rumors and prejudices,
for conspiracy theories and hatred, "said the federal government's anti-Semitism commissioner Felix Klein. Widely used distortions
 a clear message should be opposed.

 Jews are also Germany, "said Klein. The history of the Jews was also in
 Europe located and firmly connected to Germany. Society in Germany now needs a new society
Solidarity with Jews – and not only at the political level, but "deeply
into groups, associations and civic organizations ".

The Jewish community in Germany has around 100,000 members. Occasion for that
Action year 2021 is the first documented mention of a Jewish one
Community in Germany 1,700 years ago: In 321, Kaiser rejected
Konstantin the Cologne in an edict to admit Jews to the city council.


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