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Boeing does not expect approval for 737 Max until summer TIME ONLINE


Boeing expects the 737 Max to remain banned until mid-year. The US aviation company announced that it is currently expecting the mid-2020 series to be re-registered. This is the best possible estimate given the current procedure for re-registration of the aircraft. The US broadcaster CNBC and the financial information service Bloomberg had previously reported this, citing insiders. So far, the manufacturer had expected that the problem jet could fly again in the spring.

Because of the message Boeing Share fell by more than five percent. In view of the strong price movements, the paper was even temporarily suspended from trading. Boeing said it had informed customers and suppliers of likely further delays in re-admission, the reason being the "rigorous review" of the regulatory authorities. The company plans to provide further information in the quarterly report next week.

The Boeing 737 Max was banned from flying by the United States aviation authority FAA in mid-March 2019. Previously, there had been two crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia within a few months, which killed a total of 346 people. The reason for this was faulty control software for the aircraft. Boeing had recently discovered another software problem and now has to carry out further updates. The production of new machines in the series has been shut down since December.

The problems with the 737 Max plunged the company into a serious crisis. Several senior managers had to leave, including CEO Dennis Muilenburg. Revelations about employees who knew about the machine's problems before the crashes have severely damaged the company's image.

The Boeing 737 Max was conceived as a competitor to the Airbus A320neo, so the group had expected big profits from it – and, according to several insiders, had therefore launched it too early. According to analysts, Boeing loses $ 1 billion every month the machine is not allowed to take off. The European competitor Airbus, on the other hand, has overtaken Boeing for the first time in years as the world's largest aircraft manufacturer.

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