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Airlines and tourism vs. Pharmaceuticals: sectors harmed and benefited by the coronavirus


The Asian squares are clearly protagonists of the day on Tuesday amid the news that comes from China and that they talk about more affected by a coronavirus reminiscent of the SARS outbreak that killed 800 people between 2002 and 2003. Today, the rating cut that Moody's made on Hong Kong -up to 'Aa3' since 'Aa2'- and that has led the Hang Seng to yield about 3%.

On health problems in China, experts stress that the values ​​that have suffered the most there during this day due to this situation they have been those related to airlines, tourism, retail and gaming. For its part, the values ​​of the pharmaceutical sector have risen strongly, indicate. The Shanghai index of China has finally left 1.41%.

"The fear of analysts is that a possible spread of the virus I ended up having an unwanted impact on the country's economy, something that we consider that, at this point, it is very precipitous ", the analysts of Link Securities indicate in their daily report." The truth is that today the Chinese stock markets have fallen strongly, yes, after the strong rally that they were experiencing In recent months, we understand that it has encouraged the most prudent investors to take advantage of the recent increases in capital gains, reducing their exposure to equities, "they add.

As it has happened in Asia, in Europe they are also seeing falls in airlines or values ​​related to tourism. In the Ibex, IAG is clearly the title that does the worst, with cuts of 2.5%. Amadeus, a technology provider for the travel industry, is also willing to give up 1.4%. On the other hand, biopharmaceuticals PharmaMar and Oryzon up more than 3%. In the Dax, Lufthansa loses 2.2%, while in Cac the decreases in the luxury brand retailer Kering (-3.6%) stand out.

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