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Sánchez: "I will meet Torra the first week of February"


The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, commented on the news and political news in an interview conducted on Spanish Television. The socialist leader has said that "in politics as in life, reality is ahead of desires", in reference to its agreement with United We Can. On the blockade of General Council of the Judiciary, said that "it is necessary to unlock it", for which he has requested a state pact from the Popular Party.

In his opinion, "Catalan independentism has to do self-criticism" and this must be the "dialogue legislature", for which he wants to open"a territorial dialogue with energy"He has also confirmed that he wants to meet with Quim Torra"the first week of the month of February"prior to the formation of a dialogue table for Catalonia and that will travel to the rest of the Autonomous Communities to speak with all the presidents.

In his opinion, you have to work "to resolve the political crisis in Catalonia with dialogue"He has also said that"they defend self-determination and we self-government", so it will not be easy to reach a solution. In this sense, he has asked for independence"that leaves the unilateral way"and he has been annoyed because the independentistas say that Spain is not a democracy," something that is not true. "

On a future vote in Catalonia, he has defended it as a way to resolve this crisis. In any case, he said it would be "of a vote on an agreement to unite the Catalans and not to divide them"And about a possible reform of the Criminal Code, he said that"it will be a debate that has to be done in Congress".

On the controversy of the appointment of Thin pains As attorney general of the State, he commented that "I admit criticism, but his resume is absolutely impeccable. I have asked him to act with absolute independence and to apply strict compliance with the law"He has also stressed that the Government" guarantees the absolute independence of the prosecution. "

In relation to the controversy by the Parental PIN, has considered that "it is a controversy invented by the extreme right"Because there are hardly any complaints and complaints from parents." The extreme right raises consensus breaks and drags radical positions to the right. "

Over the State's general budgets, Sánchez has commented that "we want to approve them before summer"and added that" it would be important to reach large agreements on pensions and stability for the Autonomous Communities. "On the issue of budgets, he added that he will try to reach agreements"with all parliamentary forces".

He has also shown his commitment to "repeal the most harmful assets for labor reform", something you see" enough consensus "because"does not introduce greater rigidity in the labor market"Finally, he commented that his goal is raise the minimum interprofessional salary up to 60% of the average salary, but he added that "it is important to let social agents mark how the evolution of that rise will be."


The Council of Ministers on Tuesday will approve the decree with the minimum committed increase of 2% of the salary of public employees in 2020, to which 0.3% of additional funds could be added, and which will be applied retroactively from January 1, as sources from Moncloa have confirmed to Europa Press and later the president himself .

This is the second major economic measure of the new Coalition Government after having already approved the 0.9% increase in pensions. The salary increase is derived from the II Agreement for the improvement of public employment signed by the Government of Mariano Rajoy with the main civil service unions (CSIF, CC.OO. and UGT) in 2018, and includes a 2.3% minimum rise level (2% increase plus 0.3% additional funds). Together with the salary equalization of the State Security Forces and Bodies, The measure will cost 3,264 million euros.

The Council of Ministers also plans to approve a statement about the weather emergency. In the draft agreement to which the Executive plans to give a green light tomorrow, he commits to the first one hundred days to send the draft Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition to Parliament, to reach the climate neutrality as late as 2050, based on a one hundred percent renewable energy system, a passenger car park and non-polluting commercial vehicles and a CO2-neutral agricultural system.

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