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Researchers make concrete proposals to prevent climate catastrophe | TIME ONLINE


International experts have identified economic and political processes that could lead to climate-friendly human existence by 2050. This included the cancellation of all government subsidies for fossil fuels, the promotion of decentralized energy supply systems, the construction of climate-neutral cities and increased educational efforts in the field of climate and environment, according to an analysis published by scientists from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK).

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In the article published by the Academy of Sciences, the scientists analyzed numerous suggestions from experts. These show different ones
societal trend reversals that could stop climate change.

The survey states that in the area power generation the trend away from
fossil fuels must go. Above all, this can be done Subsidies of
Politics happen
which still largely flow into climate-damaging forms of energy.
In 2015, the subsidies for coal, oil and gas were even more than
twice as much as the subsidies for renewable energies. Also recommend
the researchers are converting the energy supply from central power plants
decentralized energy generation, for example through solar and wind power.

As it says in a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA), only around now
one percent of the energy industry flows into sustainable forms of energy, which is
would have to change. "The climate impacts will become more visible in the coming years
and become more serious, "it says
Report. "All areas of society must find solutions", and
this also includes the oil and natural gas industry. So the energy industry must
the IEA continues to urge to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. That has to be
"be a priority for everyone". The greenhouse gas emissions of the
The energy sector is therefore around 15 percent of total emissions.

Schools should teach a climate-friendly way of life

In order to rethink the energy sector, according to the PIK scientists, it has to Changes in the financial system
give. Because if investors had to fear that their commitment would increase
fossil fuels are no longer profitable, they would get their money from this
Deduct industry. "Simulations show that only nine percent of the
Investors could tip the system, causing other investors to
to follow that, "write the researchers. According to that, there are already
Signs of a turning point in the form of cuts in financial and
technical support for coal projects.

in the area Urban Design the scientists are calling for a rethink. So would
20 percent of the direct and indirect emissions from buildings
contribute to global greenhouse gas emissions. In their study, they propose the construction of large projects in which environmentally friendly construction is demonstrated. A large building that is 80
Percent made of laminated wood, avoiding thousands of tons of CO2.
A lot of CO2 can also be saved in the public infrastructure of cities.

for social change too better
Information for consumers
, So the output of greenhouse gases for the production
of a product on each pack, similar to the nutritional information at
Food. "It should be made easy for people, one
to lead a climate-neutral lifestyle, "said co-author and PIK director
Johan Rockström.

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