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Bitcoin goes back to $ 8,650 and seeks to maintain important supports in the price.


Bitcoin is currently struggling to maintain the $ 8,600 after this sharp fall from $ 9,200, unfortunately it could not position itself above the resistance set at $ 9,100.

The volume did not favor him and the strength of the buyers was diminished in this last impulse, the RSI shows us a clear divergence formed in the price that undoubtedly marked an exit from the market.

We currently have a pivot point of $ 8,650 this week, a key area for Bitcoin that should continue to consolidate at these levels if you want to maintain the upward trend that has been going on for several days. So far we are in a correction on 23% fibonacci, do not be surprised that it reaches up to 38% on the $ 8,300.

This last price seems to be a more viable option to look for a rebound upward again, if you fail to maintain this level we may enter a downtrend that will take you below $ 8,000 again.

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