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Bet on credit, the great danger of bookmakers that you want to ban


The United Kingdom has just banned the use of credit cards to play in bets. One of the dangers that can be regulated and limited: that of overindebtedness. But not only that. In this case, the Government's action and the industry and consumer consensus have made it possible to start combat gambling addiction, which increasingly affects a greater percentage of the population, also in Spain.

Thus, from April 14, it will be prohibited to use the credit to bet, and this includes online games, so that only debit cards and cash can be used. This measure of the British adds to what they already launched less than a year ago, when they reduced the maximum amount that could be put into play, together with the strictest age and identity controls. Something noteworthy in a country that has about 24 million players of which 800,000 use the credit card.

The United Kingdom "has made it phenomenal," says Asufin president Patricia Suárez, "because one thing is that you spend your money and another thing is that you throw a card to continue playing." "The game has many aspects but there is one that is that of borrow to continue betting"Something that ends up causing" a spiral of over-indebtedness that can be regulated and you can limit it, "he says.

"The game has many aspects but there is one that is to borrow to continue betting"

From the association of financial consumers consider the approval of these initiatives "must be taken into account by the new Government", what could be a good premiere of Alberto Garzón as a new Minister of Consumption, with specific competencies in the protection of consumers and the game. Suarez is confident that the new minister, "training economist and whose concern for the game was one of his first manifestations after his appointment, will launch a public consultation so that these types of measures are adopted as soon as possible."

"I am very aware of the impact that poor financial health can have on the physical and mental health of people, so the problem of betting must be addressed from all areas that affect the player and their families," he adds. Moreover, he explains that the possibility of paying these services on credit threatens the idea of ​​responsible lending included in the Sustainable Economy Law. This law establishes that "credit institutions, before the conclusion of the credit or loan contract, must assess the solvency of the potential borrower, based on sufficient information. They will also carry out practices for the responsible granting of loans. and credits to consumers. "

For their part, from Facua they also request a ban on using the credit and stress that "payment with cards or the location of ATMs within the premises themselves it can facilitate participation in them, creating an even greater problem of user indebtedness and risk of gambling addiction. "

According to the latest report on the evolution of the online gaming market published by the Directorate General for Game Management (DGOJ), the profits of the sector have increased significantly in the last year, thanks to the fact that practically All users with a bank account and a mobile phone can access. But also the face-to-face bets, which have grown with the opening of stores, mainly in areas close to study centers and in slums with lower per capita income in large cities. In fact, young Spaniards see gambling as another form of leisure, as a Fad study points out.

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