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In my house some call me
the woman with the crows. You know that two hooded crows a day at me
Visit kitchen windows, which sometimes accompany me to the front door.

From time to time I am asked
how it started with the crows and me. More by chance
I came across one in the early summer of last year who was on one of the
Scaffolding struts remained seated as I walked past them. The view
it was long in her eyes. I felt recognized in a way.
As if she knew something about me now. A person's gaze can often be classified.
I can't read a bird's eye. There are people who are crows and
Find ravens scary, shaped, for example, by Alfred Hitchcocks The birds or The crows by Edzard Onneken, also because of the black or anthracite colored feather dress. Others are more fascinated than scared by them. Something
There is something mysterious about them.

I researched crows read
watched countless YouTube videos and was interested in them
Research. Some of the birds drop walnuts high in flight, so they
Jump on asphalt when hitting. You also learned from red lights
Position nuts on the street so the cars are green over them
drive over. They are inventive, intelligent, playful.

I started my own experiment
several times put a handful of walnuts in the flower box on the
Kitchen windowsill. It lasted up to a week, then the nuts were everyone
Disappeared. And at some point we saw ourselves through that for the first time
Window glass. The crow and me.

It means if you have a covenant
wanting to close a crow requires continuity in reward. And
i wanted a connection. I left the kitchen window in the summer months
Opened for hours, the nuts were only positioned on the inner window sill.
The crow ventured in, a little uncertain at first with its claws
Slipping on the smooth surface, she grabbed a nut and hopped quickly
back into the flower box and flew away.

We got used to each other. I
felt her curiosity and openness when she turned her head like dogs
sometimes do, and take a close look at the room. The outside noise let
never disregard them. When she heard another bird crowing, she paused.
Sometimes she would fly away without a nut. Sometimes she stayed longer. she let
getting closer to myself soon dared to pick up the nuts from my hand.
When the window was closed, she crowed against the window. Occasionally
I documented their behavior on film. I presented them with new tasks.
Positioned cashew nuts under a 4cl measuring glass. At first she tried
Crow, grasping the jar with its beak, lifting it up, unsuccessfully. As soon as
I had put a piece of fabric under the glass, she skilfully tipped it with me
just to the side of the beak, the nuts were exposed.

Crows learn quickly,
can abstract. They use wires and branches as tools. If the crow
I get a selection of walnuts, she looks at them carefully, reads
each with its beak on. It is only in the end that she probably decides for them
best nut.

The day came when the crow had one
brought the second. She carried a piece of empty walnut shell in her beak, put on
it in the potting soil and flew away. I learned that crows sometimes
Bring gifts. Of course, these can be very different things
the bowl was the only one longer for me. I know from others that she
for example got buttons or stones for free.

There were also days when the crows
came flying together, sometimes first one, then the other. I
quickly noticed their different traits. The second was a lot
more anxious, clung to the flower box, ducked as soon as I did
came closer. Sometimes she dodged the linden tree by the window until I did
went back a little, then came back. Interestingly, she took the
trusting crow often the nuts away. The also granted, waited for the
the second flew away, and then picked up what was left.

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