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Russia plans to publish documents on World War II | TIME ONLINE


Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced archive documents
accessible to the general public during World War II
do. An open center as well as a website should
will work against attempts to falsify history in the future, said
Putin in St. Petersburg. There the President reminded him of the
Anniversary of the breakthrough of the Leningrad blockade and met with
Veterans. The German Wehrmacht had in World War II of 1941
until 1944 St. Petersburg, which was then called Leningrad, was besieged.

will shut up those who try the story
to rewrite (…) and the role of our fathers and grandfathers
belittle our heroes who died to their homeland and practical
to protect the whole world from the brown plague, "Putin said
according to state news agency Tass. Some officials abroad could not keep their "shame", said the president. You would be the role of the former Soviet Union in the
Question liberation from Hitler fascism.

Previously, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia had protested Putin and other senior Russian
Politicians had tried to relativize the Molotow-Ribbentrop pact and Poland complicity in the outbreak of the second worldwar
blaming. Among other things, Putin had the Polish ambassador to Berlin over the years
 1933 to 1939, Józef Lipski, referred to as the "anti-Semitic pig". The German-Soviet non-aggression agreement, the Hitler-Stalin Pact, made Poland, the Baltic States and
 Finland divided between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. The German Wehrmacht
 attacked Poland on September 1, 1939, Stalin's troops marched well
two weeks later in the east of the country. Poland wants to forbid Russia with a law to reinterpret this beginning of the Second World War. Poland has already appointed the Russian ambassador in the history dispute.

Putin wants to deliver a speech in Yad Vashem

May 9th
celebrates Russia in Moscow the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II and the victory of the Soviet Union with a large
Military parade. For the anniversary, it should also be a one-time payment of
75,000 rubles (around 1,100 euros) for all veterans announced
Putin. At the commemoration in St. Petersburg, he also praised the state
Israel, the memory of the Holocaust – the genocide
the Jews – hold up.

Russia's president
on Thursday also at the Holocaust commemoration in the Yad Vashem memorial
make a speech in Jerusalem. During his visit to the Israeli
He also wants a monument to the Leningrad blockade in the capital
Inaugurate Sacher Park. The 900-day blockade is considered one of the
most serious crimes against the humanity of the Germans
Wehrmacht in World War II. On the orders of Adolf Hitler
the city through systematic starvation of its inhabitants
Residents are wiped out. More than a million people died
back then hunger, cold and illnesses as well as grenade fire
and in the fighting for Leningrad, The blockade was released on January 18th
Broken through by the Red Army in 1944 and ended on January 27.

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