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Standard situations want to be carried out in an original way. The
is like this in football and in
ARD Sunday evening thriller is no different. It's about free kicks and corners, here
the crucial question: where does the body come from, everything
Investigative action?

The new Rostock Police-Episode sons
(NDR editor: Daniela Mussgiller) surprises with an unknown
Variant that has something funny. Bukoff (Charly Hübner) becomes his
nightly blues on the river bank with red wine woken up by the radio message, it was lying
a break-in in a villa around the corner. Once there, he meets
Michael Norden (Tilman Strauß), a temporary employment agency founder who
High-ranking people of the Hanseatic city and therefore recognized by the police.
North does not want to have noticed the break-in, Bukoff looks at himself
to be on the safe side until suspicious noises lead him outside again
– where the body in the form of Fränki Fischer (Patrick Eble) then went to him
Arms running. Job creation measures in Police: The
Commissioner looks for his case himself.

Matthias Dell has been writing weekly about "Tatort" and "Polizeiruf 110" since 2010. On ZEIT ONLINE since 2016 in the column "The autopsy report".
© Daniel Seiffert

And is buried under him for now. The moment when
Bukoff is concerned with the body of the dead, a friend of the villa owner,
as it turns out, north is used for flight. From what sons
then carves a very exciting starting point (script:
Markus Busch, director: Christian von Castelberg): North must be found
a murderer has to be found and it is open whether it is a and
the same person is acting.

This is actually exciting because the fleeting north in the
Contour wins in the course of the investigation. A gruff climber who too
to where it hurts in capitalism (competition) and its past
in the form of an unknown son and one who died homeless in Belgium
Father's balancing act between the top and bottom in the "performance society"
(Christian Lindner) makes it clear.

The resolution then unfortunately does not quite succeed under
of the many possible ways to explain the case, to find one that can be found in
Finale developed its own explosiveness. Fränki had a forward contract in the north
stolen, the Fränki then with Nordic business steward Stefan Larges (the
Ernst Bloch's principle of profit: Germain Wagner). As Fränki
again learned that Larges only used it to point north where Bartel
fetching the must, he turned against Larges, the one with a contract killer
countered – the consequences are known from the beginning of the film.

That’s why it’s so complicated and tedious,
because the case solution has to be obtained from the North's confession. Revenge here
itself in a way that previously the focus on north long, figures like
Larges or even the contract killer is not suspicious on its own or
could only make it interesting because they acted in the background.

But: whining already exists. sons

pleases because the thriller actually shows investigation. Because he dialogues more
There is room than is the case in the ARD Sunday evening crime episodes
hope for a place in the street of the best from constant scene changes – keyword:
Action, hashtag: just don't get bored.

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