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Iran hands over black box to Ukraine | TIME ONLINE


Iran announced the black box on January 8th
shot down Ukrainian passenger plane den
Surrender authorities in Ukraine. The evaluation of the
Data voice recordings from the cockpit to the strong
Damaged two flight recorders is technically not in Iran
possible, the chief for accident investigations informed the civil
Aviation Authority of Iran, Hassan Resaeifer, according to the
News agency Tasnim with.

Experts |
from France, the United States and Canada would help the flight recorders
to analyze in Kiev. If it didn't work there, they would
sent to France, said Resaeifer. From the Ukraine admitted it
this possible forwarding to France no information.

Machine was in shortly after launch on January 8th Tehran of the
Iranian Revolutionary Guard has been shot down. Previously she had
Revolutionary Guard ballistic missiles on U.S. soldiers in Iraq
fired and thus at the deadly US air attack on the
Iranian General Kassem Soleimani reacts. According to authorities
officers confused the plane with a US cruise missile.

Iranian President Hassan Ruhani wants complete clarification

After the Boeing 737-800 shot down by Ukraine International Airlines, all 176 people died on board.
According to Iranian information, 147 of the passengers were Iranians, among them
many with dual citizenship and 29 citizens of the
Ukraine, Canada, Sweden and Afghanistan. The other countries
have urged Iran to take responsibility
and pay compensation to the victim families.

Launching the machine and especially the fact that the Iranian
Leadership initially denied him for several days, led in the Iran
to protests.
The demonstrators called for one
Punishment of those responsible, some even that Resignation of the
Iranian leadership.
president Hassan Ruhani then promised
a thorough and complete clarification of the shooting circumstances
by a special court and various teams of experts.


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