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The power companies applaud the 'green' vice presidency of Ribera: there will be no radical changes


"Is positive. We are very clear about their priorities and investors too and, in addition, it is now more powerful. We know what will be the framework in which we are going to move during the next years. ” The energy sector indicates, in a generalized way, that the continuity of Teresa Ribera at the head of the Ministry of Ecological Transition (elevated to the category of vice president) is good news for an industry that assumes moves towards renewable and decarbonization.

"The policy that will be implemented is very clear and having no doubts creates certainty," sources in the electricity sector indicate. "We are clear that she will be a continuist minister and that it will execute steps that it has not been able to do in the last 18 months, ”they add.

One of those priorities is to lower the electricity bill. In the agreement between PSOE and Podemos, the will to reduce the cost to consumers is mentioned three times. He mentions the will of the new Government to elaborate a "Electric System Reform Plan that favors the transition towards decarbonization and affordable prices for consumers and businesses. "Specifically, it indicates that the over-compensation that certain technologies receive (which it calls benefits from the sky) will end and that it aims at reducing the cost of renewables is transferred to the final price.

On the rates themselves, the only detail published by the executive, in that agreement between the formations, is that he is going to "modify the electricity bill with the objective of: reducing the percentage that represents the power term; that the variable term of the regulated component is incremental depending on the energy consumed, so that the cost to be paid by the consumers for the first Kw / h is lower than the following, encouraging energy efficiency. "The sector, of At the moment, he also doesn't know more details about how these changes will develop.


One of the first movements will be to develop the Climate Change Law, also agreed with United We in the coalition agreement. A regulation that, waiting to know the details, aims to reach in 2050 a generation of electricity with 100% renewable origin, and between 85% and 95% in 2040. Which leads the electric companies to step on the accelerator in green production, something they already have in mind.

The lines to follow are drawn, because the previous Government has already left the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan, for the years between 2021 and 2030. A road map guided by the steps marked by Brussels.

And that Plan already set specific goals for ‘energy’. I anticipated that, for him year 2030, there is a total installed power in the electricity sector of 157 GW, of which 50 GW will be wind power; 37 of solar photovoltaic; 27 combined gas cycles; 16 of hydraulics; 8 pumping; 7 of thermoelectric solar; and 3 nuclear. That is, the gas does not disappear completely in that initial scenario. In fact, the sector assumes that gas is perceived as ‘less bad’ technology among ‘non-green’ options.

From the industry they also assume that, the most initial framework for the coming years, their remuneration parameters, are clear after the 14 circulars elaborated by the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), waiting for the final wording of the circular that will define the regulation of gas stations, the most controversial for the initial ax raised for the sector, which led the regulator to reformulate its entire approach.

With this framework for the future quite clear, the large electric groups also investments in renewables have accelerated in recent months. Only two companies, Endesa and Iberdrola, plan to invest in the next few years about 14,000 million euros to increase their production and, for example, in the case of the Enel subsidiary more than 3,000 million will be focused exclusively on renewable.

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