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Suspected IS supporter ends up in Frankfurt with three children | TIME ONLINE


It is the second deportation of a suspected IS supporter this week: The Turkey flew another woman to Germany in the evening with alleged connections to a terrorist organization. In the evening, the alleged supporter of the "Islamic State" (IS) association with three children lands in Frankfurt. The woman was arrested at the airport after her arrival from Istanbul, a spokesman for the federal police said. The 29-year-old from Rhineland-Palatinate traveled with a five-year-old boy and two girls at the age of two on board a German plane.

According to the Attorney General, the 29-year-old was lying Koblenz an arrest warrant on suspicion of membership in the foreign terrorist organization IS. It is to be brought before an investigating judge at the Koblenz Higher Regional Court. The youth welfare office took care of the children.

Picked up at the border

According to the General Prosecutor's Office in Koblenz, the woman from Idar-Oberstein traveled in Rheinland-Pfalz in September 2014 with her husband and two of his sisters via Turkey to Syria. According to previous investigations, she is said to have propagated the ideology of IS and the killing of dissenters by IS, among other things, from Syria via social media and called for emigration to the "Caliphate". Kurdish fighters arrested the woman in early 2019 and brought her to Camp Ayin Issa near the Turkish border. There she was picked up by Turkish forces.

The Turkish Ministry of the Interior had Twitter via the short message service on Friday evening deportation written by "four terrorist fighters" with German citizenship. The ministry has so far not provided any information on specific allegations. Turkey's numbers of deported "fighters" often include children traveling with them.

Turkey has been deporting people with alleged links to terrorist organizations to its home countries for weeks, but not all of them are actually linked to the IS militia. In the middle of the week, a woman from Norderstedt landed at Hamburg Airport. Her sons, aged two and four, were also on the plane from Istanbul. The 30-year-old is also charged with membership in the IS, and was arrested on arrival

In November and December, two suspected IS supporters with a total of seven children landed in Frankfurt after being deported from Turkey. One of them is said to have been part of a so-called "sister network" of radicalized women, which has won more women for ISIS and integrated them into the activities of the militia.

The Turkish military had been in the north on October 9th Syria an offensive against the Kurdish militia YPG, which the Turkish government regards as a terrorist organization, has started near the border with Turkey. According to official information, 287 supporters of the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) were arrested, including women and children.

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