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Sexism: Male, Left, Sexist | ZEIT campus


Left-wing, educated men think that they are committed to the equality of women through their conviction alone. Woke machos are only sexists.

We were the beginning
twenty, had no idea how sexism worked, but of course they did
so. We, a handful of women and men, studied political science in the beginning
the ten years in Marburg and sat in the course "Introduction to the criticism of the
Gender Relations "by Professor Ingrid Kurz-Scherf. She explained to us
how women had won the right to vote and work and what they did
great thinkers of the "weaker sex": Luther, you sexist,
write: "The largest
Honor that women have is all the more that men are born through them
". What kind of
a bullshit.

How easy it was
us left-politicized students at that time, the sexism of dead men
punish. Or the federal government for their spouse splitting or that
Marburg fraternities for their ancient roles. It was fun
and was of good tone, also for men. They listed the authors
the reading lists of the profs and pointed out parties at parties whose hands like
accidentally slid down our backs while they were against us
passing postponed.

Our male
Friends seemed woke to be,
vigilant against discrimination. Conscious, sensitive, sensitive. they played
in our team.

If we
however, they came together for bolognese cooking in one of our shared apartments
we women who laid the table. And it was the men who were about
Last night's conquests blasphemed:

"Haha guys, I stuck in one last night, super gross." And the others
Boys like this: "Woah real, haha".

It hurts. But
we came up against our role models, which have been internalized for twenty years
Reality is not as easy as in our homework. We women dared
not to say anything because we didn't want to be fun brakes because we wanted to
didn't want to mess with the boys. We have thought sentences far too often
like "He never learned to communicate his feelings" or "He is just
a mess "- and lied to ourselves the most.

My male
Fellow students were angry with us that women in West Germany until 1977
were only allowed to work with her husband's permission, and rape in the
Before it became a crime in 1997. They argued for the same in discussions
Salaries and more women in management positions. But they also spoke
bad about women with whom they slept. And stamped us, hers
Girlfriends, as jealous if we let them know. Relax!

Yes, they were for
the equal woman. But only as long as she wasn't around.

left men is more subtle than that of the mainstream because it is behind the
Fight against the superiors, against the system or against the right. The
The past is more easily condemned than the present, Jens Spahn faster
criticized as one's own reflection, which analyzes strangers better than that

And that's it
Essence of anti-sexism, not in the abstract, but to start with yourself.
You can only learn learned discrimination if you reflect on your own behavior
really oppose something.

Everything else is
in the end, unfortunately, just show.

My bachelor
in political science i did 2015 which is sexism in my environment
since then no less. On the contrary. I rather feel like it
is getting worse.

"I'm going to do the Mansplainer here, hehe"

And it works
not about the guys, the women on the street with a beer in their hands
afterwards whistle. Or harass, insult, threaten them online. About the
you have to speak, argue, judge elsewhere. I am concerned with
Philipps, Jans and Patricks, who quote Judith Butler, Margarete Stokowski or Rebecca Solnit, who celebrate Lizzo and The-Future-is-FemaleT-Shirts
wear. And who never stopped explaining the world to women,
to treat them from above, not to take them seriously.

There they are
Fathers, such as the Austrian singer, actor and cabaret artist Manuel Rubey, who was only the father of one
Have to become a daughter in order to publicly profess to be a feminist.

There are the three former
Colleagues who have always asked for feedback on their work, but
never a woman.

And there is one
Friend who talks me into words like "What you mean is that
The following "interrupts. And also finds it funny:" I'm doing here now
times the Mansplainer, hehe ".

I am with many such
Men befriend or appreciate them as my colleagues. Because they're smart
helpful, nice people. Still, it hurts me to explain again and again
to have to. Always waiting for them to understand that
their unsolidarity behavior only cemented the situation. In our
System, male rule is still based on the devaluation of women
through sexism. White men are not only political, but also statistical
the freest people in our society. Unlike women who are too 81 percent victims of partner violence
, on average
Get 53 percent less pension, only one in three executives.

A left
Attitude can, but does not have to change anything about these problems.

Also a left one
Man was born with the privileges of his gender. Also a left man
is part of the patriarchy. Also a left one
Man will not change anything in these circumstances if he does not change his
own behavior changes.

You want one
open debate culture, but does not listen to women properly.

You want that
Abolish capitalism, but always earn more than your women.

You want yours
Raise children on an equal footing, but take only two months of parental leave.

You want women
in management positions, but only talks about job offers in your boys club.

You want social
Equality, but you don't care about your women's pension.

You want equal sex, but you don't want to pay for the pill.

But men who
it with the equal rights of the sexes should be serious, too
participate financially in female contraception. You should see your girlfriends
behave just as towards their buddies and their uncomfortable
Don't dismiss behavior as jealous, hysterical, clinging. You should have more
listen, interrupt less and encourage the work of your colleagues. And you
other men should point out sexist behavior – even if none
Woman is present.

The fight about
Gender equality is not something you adorn yourself with. It is something you
does. Just a man who
that has understood, can therefore also as woke
be designated. By women.

My friends
from back then and I am stricter with the men in our lives today. We
no longer set tables. We say it when men treat us badly or
speak badly about other women. We cut contacts and others
not even built up. We have become louder, stricter, more uncompromising.

Ours too
Antisexism started with ourselves.

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