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Former Coinbase technology director says Nakamoto.com is a step towards changing culture


"I understand the logic behind cryptanarchy, but I believe in crypto-civilization," said Balaji Srinivasan, founder of Nakamoto.com, when asked about the reason behind the formation of the now controversial forum.

Srinivasan recently appeared in a podcast with Ryan Selkis of Messari and talked about Nakamoto.com, a project that after its launch has caused a stir. Srinivasan's motivations behind it arose from his interest in educating himself and others about the various known gaps within the community. Nakamoto.com has a list of contributors, from the most important names in the industry to technical managers and, according to the website,

"We want to create a place for quality technical, philosophical and cultural writing that is of general interest to the encryption community in general, both for beginners and experts."

Although the idea of ​​the website is novel for Srinivasan, Selkis expressed concern about the future, claiming that if it explodes, it could generate similar chaos to Reddit in the early stages of Bitcoin. However, the former CTO of Coinbase argued that it could act more as a forum where the community can discuss various assets, with moderators that help keep the conversation going.

According to Srinivasan, social networks can be radicalized as it encourages people for their actions in terms of attention or money. He highlighted the culture offered by these platforms and said that "there is no guiding culture for Reddit."


"Doing culture well seems like a very good step with the launch of Nakamoto."

Recently, a prominent Bitcoin Telegram channel changed its configuration to read-only mode, with moderators citing trolls and spambots. In order to end the unhealthy culture, Nakamoto.com was created, according to the founder. However, he was heavily criticized for the name, and many claimed that Srinivasan used the name of the creator of Bitcoin to advertise his new company.

Peter McCormack, a Bitcoin advocate, had said:

«Any use of the name Satoshi Nakamoto to promote something outside of Bitcoin is fake AF!»

However, Srinivasan was supported by some others, such as Ran NeuNer, who asked the community to celebrate "another credible source that can boost adoption."

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