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Farmers' association condemns Nazi symbolism on tractors in Nuremberg | TIME ONLINE


Thousands of farmers demonstrated in on Friday Nuremberg against allegations,
 they are responsible for pollution and climate change. But
some participants tried to abuse the protest. Banners with symbols were probably attached to some tractors
right-wing extremist circles can be used.

Photos of have been circulating on social media since Friday
Tractors to which large posters with iron
Cross, an imperial eagle and the sayings "Truth wins" or "Lament
not, fights ". Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner (CDU) shared a critical tweet about the photos, in which the
Demo managers are called on to distance themselves. The authenticity of these photos could not be checked immediately. The
Organizer of the protest, Sebastian Dickow from the Initiative Land creates connection, confirmed on Saturday that individual
Participants with controversial banners were noticed.

 we noticed and we told people to
please take off your banners, "said Dickow." We distance ourselves from it and we have them all
clearly said that the banners have lost nothing here and so have the
The police took care of it. "The police headquarters in Middle Franconia initially did not comment on Saturday.

"Two or
three "tractors were provided with banners of this kind." It works
not such slogans, it's about agriculture, "said Dickow.
"We also said something similar about the AfD: This is not one
Election campaign event for you. "The banners are after the intervention of the
Organizer has been approved.

Farmers' association wants to have nothing to do with slogans

The German Farmers' Association too
decidedly distanced himself from the posters: "From our side is
clear: We clearly and clearly distance ourselves from such right-wing slogans.
We have nothing to do with it, "said a spokesman. And that
General secretary of the association, Bernhard Krüsken, added: "That has
nothing to do with peasant protests. This is free-riding. "

At the
 On Friday there were around 5,000 farmers with 2,500 tractors from all parts
Frankens in Nuremberg for a big protest against the agricultural and
Environmental policy came together in Germany. In addition to the planned tightening of the fertilizer regulation, farmers also criticize the effects of insect protection on the profitability of their farms.

Farmers are demonstrating in several German cities this Saturday too. In the morning, numerous farmers rolled through downtown Berlin with tractors. They had gathered in the surrounding area in the early morning and drove in star columns to the capital. The motto of this year's rally is: "Tackle agricultural change, protect the climate!"

Farmers and their supporters are also interested in better promoting the switch to environmentally friendly farming. "Converting stables to suit the animals and more closely combining the cultivation of fields and meadows with the protection of insects, the climate and water – all this makes agricultural production of our food more expensive," says a call to the rally.

The farmers are ready to change if they see a viable economic perspective for their farms. Therefore, the agricultural policy in Germany and the EU must be changed. In addition to agricultural associations, especially organic farming, environmental associations, church organizations, Greens and the Left Party have also called for participation in the protests. An international conference of agricultural ministers is taking place today at the Federal Foreign Office, where sustainable farmers want to hand over a protest note to Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU).

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