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Audax Renovables, Vidrala and Rovi: three 'small caps' with a very clear 'momentum' bullish


2020 has woken up with the apathetic Ibex, without much desire. He did not seem to dare with the resistance of 9,700 points, but neither was he due to the work of falling. And it seems to have suddenly awakened since Tuesday filled in the tick, the bullish hole (support) of the 9,468 points.

Technical analysis

However, the money is still on vacation for most of the major components of the Ibex, however, we are observing major rises in many of the ‘small caps’ of our market. Although being objective, it is really the so-called "chicharros" that best behave in this new decade. Don't confuse ‘small caps’ with ‘chicharros’. The first are simply small market capitalization companies, while the latter also have certain negative connotations. The latter are companies that have gone through or go through more or less serious financial problems that make their prices quote at very low prices. Generally below the euro and in the case of our market we talk about companies listed in euro cents. As a general rule, both ‘small caps’ and ‘chicharros’ tend to be very narrow, low-liquid values, which causes both upward and downward strokes to be our daily bread. And that has its risk, because if we do not know how to interpret the depth of the market (the price range between supply and demand) an investor can make a stock rise or fall strongly with little money.

We have to go back to position number 16 so that we can find a value of the Ibex among those that rise the most in the year. IAG (+ 10%) is the title of our selective that is doing better in the little we have this year. Thus, the highest rising title in the continuous market is OHL (+ 36%), Abengoa ‘B’ (+ 20%), Coemac (+ 19%), Duro Felguera (+ 19%) and Montebalito (+ 16%).

Next, we analyze some of the ‘small caps’ that have the best technical aspect at the moment:


Title that has begun the new decade with force, with energy. Last week the title confirmed in weekly candles above a large triangular formation (decreasing maximums and increasing minimums). What does not take away so that in the short term we can attend a correction in the form of ‘throw back’ to the new support area, before resistance, of 2.20 euros. The feelings are good what doubt fits. Although we can not ignore the important resistance that the title presents in the highs of 2019 at 2.83 euros. Above these maximums, a large return figure would be confirmed with a goal in the 2018 highs (3.33) and above we did not find draft resistance up to four euros, before support (January 2018). In summary, the ‘feeling’ is good after the recent resistance overcoming, but it is true that if the title were directed towards the new support area of ​​2.20 euros we would feel more comfortable facing a potential entry into the company.

Weekly chart of Audax Renovables since 2012


The company that manufactures and sells glass containers for the food industry is in absolute free rise, without resistance of any kind. Ten years ago I was trading at 12 euros and now we have it flirting with the 100 (+ 700%). Moreover, since then the price is moving within an impeccable bullish channel. Building always and at all times increasing minimums and maximums, and you know that this way you can only continue doing one thing: upload. In fact, it is normal to bet on a new impulse that somehow leads you to the zone of resistance (dynamic) that gives you the upper part of the channel and that is currently going through 140 euros.

Vidrala weekly chart since 2009


The pharmaceutical company is one of the ‘small caps’ that best does it in the last decade. The revaluation is impressive. In fact, at the beginning of 2010 the stock was listed at six euros and now we have it at 24 euros (+ 300%) Technically it is a value in free rise and before that there is not much to add. If anything, highlight the impeccable bullish channel through which the title is moving since the end of 2016. The only thing to object to this title is that it is a fairly narrow value, illiquid. And this can make it difficult to punctually enter / exit titles. Well, if we do not have the possibility to see the depth of the market, it may happen that we, with little capital, make the stock rise / fall significantly when we want to enter / leave the company. At this time the base of the channel, by definition support area, currently passes for approximately 18.50 euros.

Rovi weekly chart since 2014

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