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Unknown people shot at the citizens' office of the member of the Bundestag Karamba Diaby in Halle. The window of the office, on which a poster with the face of the SPD politician was hanging, was destroyed. It's not the first time that Diaby has been a victim of racist threats. In 2015, a window in his office was opened, and the following year he received a postcard with racist news from the far-right party The Third Way.

The mayor of Kamp-Lintfort, Christoph Landscheidt, has also been receiving personal protection for a few days. The SPD politician had reported facing extreme right-wing threats since the 2019 European elections. Previously, he had applied for a gun license – sparking a debate about the security of local politicians.

In Lower Saxony, Arnd Focke recently resigned from his post as mayor. The SPD politician, who was also active in helping refugees, received night calls and death threats, and his car was sprayed with swastikas. Silvia Kugelmann, too, is no longer a mayor in Bavaria for long. Her car was smeared with feces, a nail was put in the tires, she was sexually insulted and insulted. Kugelmann, which belongs to an independent electorate, will step down in April.

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ZEIT ONLINE is interested in your stories: Are you a politician and have you experienced threats, hatred and attacks? If so, from which direction? What needs to change to make you feel protected? What part of Germany do you work in?

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