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"Nobody spoke to me about it" TIME ONLINE


Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) has not been involved in party leader Markus Söder's push for a cabinet reshuffle, he said. "Nobody talked to me about it," he said the Frankfurter Allgemeine ForexNews.onlineung (FAZ), So he answered the question of whether he felt that Soder's idea of ​​rejuvenating the government team had spoken to him.

Seehofer did not want to comment on the work of the two CSU ministers next to him – Andreas Scheuer (transport) and Gerd Müller (economic cooperation). He does not want to help "that we deal with ourselves in public." Experience has shown that the party does not use this. He had already responded to Soder's suggestion with a warning about self-employment.

With regard to his personal future, Seehofer said the FAZ: "I never run out of ideas. But I also know that a political task is finite. I said that at the end of the legislative period it was over for me."

Söder did not rule out the exchange of CSU ministers

In the past few days, Söder had sparked a discussion in the Union with his proposal to rejuvenate and renew the cabinet in the middle of the year. He justified the idea with a need for a spirit of optimism, especially with regard to economic policy. However, the CSU chief and prime minister of Bavaria did not name names of ministers who, in his opinion, should be exchanged.

On Thursday, he had also not ruled out an exchange of CSU ministers. In the summer time, you will have "basic thoughts". The party must show "beyond the content" that it will continue to claim a leadership role after 2021, when the current legislative period is over. CDU boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer he wanted to include in the decision, said Söder. Chancellor Angela Merkel had previously refused to reform the government.

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