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ChainLink overcomes significant resistance above $ 2.80. Moment of a technical correction?


ChainLink in the last hours has been offering great returns within the cryptocurrency market, being one of the few that marks so far more than a 7% increase in 24 hours. Many speculate that the binance announcement to list LINK on its futures platform has something to do with this latest momentum.

We are in a very important area for this cryptocurrency, losing the support of the weekly R2 at $ 2.68 would imply a slightly longer correction up to $ 2.46 possibly. The RSI is marking short exit, so it is risky to enter at this time to look for the $ 3.

It is not yet time to overcome this important resistance due to the verticality formed in the price in the last hours. The volume still remains well above the average, that is a good sign and indicates that the buying sentiment still remains after several days of upward movements.

What to do with ChainLink right now? Well, for now we must wait for a correction in the price to be able to consider a short-term entry. No doubt we have no input signal for now.

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