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Bitcoin amid significant support and resistance, the breaking of one of these levels would mark the beginning of another strong movement.


We continue in the support and resistance fight that has been taking place in the crypto market in recent days. King Bitcoin currently maintains a value of $ 8,900 at the time of writing this analysis and marks a 2.03% increase in 24 hours.

With a resistance at $ 9,100 and support at $ 8650, Bitcoin enters this weekend even without making a decision for another momentum. As in the previous analysis, we continue to maintain what has been said. A break on any of these levels will mark the beginning of another strong move in Bitcoin.

We expect the break to be bullish, although the RSI is marking a slight divergence from the previous momentum, this time buyers seem to have less force to push the price to that ceiling over $ 9,100.

An option that is also reflected in the short term is the possibility of looking for the uptrend line marked above $ 8,640. Breaking this downward trend would confirm the start of a correction in Bitcoin that will take it to $ 8,000 or less.

We will closely follow the price of Bitcoin this weekend and we will be reporting.

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