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Will we all be organ donors soon? | TIME ONLINE


9,000 people are currently waiting in Germany
Donor organ, mostly a kidney – and over 900 people are waiting in 2018 alone
deceased. However, donors who donate their organs after their death
To provide, there are far too few. Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU)
wants to change that and proposes a so-called contradiction solution, according to which
all are automatically organ donors unless they contradict. about
This proposal – but also the counter model, which was introduced by the Green Party chairwoman Annalena Baerbock to improve the situation, is voted today by the Bundestag. Jakob Simmank is
Knowledge editor at ZEIT ONLINE and explains the plans, the possible consequences – and prefers not to predict how the vote will turn out today. Because factional pressure is exposed to this ethical debate.

the Turkey schools in Germany soon? It was announced last week that the
Turkish government currently has an agreement with the federal government
negotiated to be analogous to the three German schools abroad in Turkey too
to open Turkish schools in Germany. While the Turkish government would not be the direct sponsor of the schools, there are concerns that the government of
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan might try Turkish over schools
To influence young people in Germany. Something similar is already happening through
the Islamverband Ditib, which operates hundreds of mosques in Germany. About the
The background reports the criticism, but also the opportunities
ZEIT editor and Islamic scholar Arnfrid Schenk.

And otherwise? Where can Bundesliga club Alba Berlin finish their home finals?

Assistance: Johann Stephanowitz, Anne Schwedt
Moderation: Rita Lauter

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