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Video | Salary expenditure of the Pedro Sánchez macro government


The new team of Government of Pedro Sánchez He will be known for being the most extensive in the history of Spanish democracy. An executive who, being so numerous, will involve a higher salary expenditure than in previous legislatures. Specifically, it is a 380,395 euros increase with respect to the previous Government of Sánchez, and around 670,000 if compared to the last of Rajoy, when the popular president had a vice president and 12 ministers.

The salaries of the members of the Government are public (royal decree of December 2018). The salary (which they could have temporarily) goes from the president is of 82,978 euros gross per year, the vice presidents are set to 77,991 euros and the rest of ministers (18 specifically), who stays in 73,211 gross euros.

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