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The bullish channel of Endesa seems drawn with square and bevel


While Endesa is a free climbing title, it is worth highlighting the impeccable bullish channel through which the title has been moving since March 2019.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

Endesa It is one of the most bullish titles in our market with a lot of difference in terms of long term. And within this upward or primary uptrend, there is an upward channel of manual, book, since last April. There are numerous and impeccable points of tangency in the channel on the part of the price. So it can be easily deduced that, in theory, the conditions for the price to go back to the upper part of the channel, thus marking new highs of all times, now in the area of ​​approximately 25-25.20 euros. And as a support area, how can it be otherwise, we have the base of it, now at 23 euros.

Endesa daily chart since the end of 2018


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