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Sharon Stone: About Expectations | time Magazine


We have often reported on celebrities who prove their own existence at this point. There was Madonna, who had desperately tried to convince the Fedex courier company to deliver the package addressed to "Madonna" to her. And there was the Swiss writer Martin Suter, who suddenly published rhymes on Twitter, which prompted his publisher to block his profile because he thought it was a fake.

Similar things are now Sharon Stone Happened: She announced on Twitter that the dating platform Bumble had her profile blocked because various users had reported it as a fake, so they suspected that someone had simply registered there under the name Sharon Stone.

Of course, the quickest and most effective way to convince others to really be the celebrity that you are is to vehemently deny that. Would have faced Madonna Fedex said, yes, she was often mistaken for Madonna, then the courier service would have surely assumed that she was a Madonna after all.

Because that's what you expect from a celebrity. And that also connects these three cases: expectations. Fedex apparently found it completely surreal that someone like Madonna would receive packages. The Diogenes publishing house apparently found it quite astonishing that Martin Suter rhymes and tweets. And that Sharon Stone has a profile on a dating platform seems to be as plausible to many as to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger at McFit or to take Lewis Hamilton hitchhiking.

Expectations are nothing more than patterns with which we as children try to make the world predictable. Girls have long hair, boys have short. Having a lot is good, having a little is not so good. As a toddler, such rough grids may first help us to understand the world. At best, as adults, we should have learned that these drawers can jam very often and block the view of reality. Just like: normal people are looking for partners on online exchanges, stars don't need it.

Sure, Sharon Stone is a great, successful, attractive woman. But maybe she just doesn't feel like looking out for dinner parties anymore. Perhaps she finds men of her age and social class boring and unattractive. Or maybe the men cannot free themselves from the expectation that they will pull out the ice ax at the crucial moment.

Did you expect a funny column at this point, but never smiled? Look forward to it. The experience will make you a little more mature.


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