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Impeachment proceedings officially opened in the US Senate | TIME ONLINE


USA – Impeachment proceedings against US President begin
New allegations against Donald Trump: the Court of Auditors criticized the reluctance to provide military aid to Ukraine was illegal.
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The impeachment proceedings against the US President in the Senate have begun. As provided for in the minutes, the House's leading prosecutor, Democrat Adam Schiff, read the indictment against the President in the second Chamber of Congress. "Donald J. Trump abused the power of the presidency," read
Ship. He had the government of the Ukraine for an "interference" in the
next US presidential election, pushing against his
Oath of office.

Trump is accused of calling his Ukrainian colleague Volodymyr Selenskyj on the phone to investigate Trump's democratic rival Joe Biden, while at the same time holding back long-approved US military aid for the government in Kiev and later blocking the House of Representatives investigation into these events. The president rejects the allegations and speaks of a politically motivated "witch hunt" by the Democrats.

Court of Auditors charged White House

The allegations were, however, partially confirmed by the Congress's non-partisan audit office. The panel came to the conclusion that the Presidential Office had violated federal law by withholding military aid for Ukraine that had already been approved. The president must "not set his own political priorities instead of those that Congress has already legally enacted," said a report by the auditors. The President of the House of Representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosisaid that this shows that the government has "broken the law".

However, the argument will only start seriously next Tuesday – when all 100 senators from
Chief Justice John Roberts on "impartial
Justice "have been sworn in and further formalities have been completed. Then it must also be clarified whether the official assessment of the Auditors is even allowed in the process. According to Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, senators should only consider material that was gathered during the House of Representatives investigation. Pelosi, on the other hand, argues that the Court of Auditors report once again shows that new documents and testimony should also be allowed.

"You are afraid of the truth"

The dispute over the summonsing of already heard and new witnesses has been going on for weeks. The Democrats are demanding hearing Trump's chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, his advisor Robert Blair, former National Security Advisor John Bolton, and Michael Duffy, an employee of the White House budget office. If the Republicans didn't want to hear their statements, Pelosi said, there was only one reason: "They are afraid of the truth."

Either way – the impeachment of Donald Trump applies in view of the
Republican majority in the Senate almost excluded. The
Conservatives make up 53 of the 100 senators in the upper house; for one
Impeachment would require a two-thirds majority. The White House is expecting a fairly short procedure of no longer than two weeks. Trump's allegations are "the weakest charges ever impeaching a president."

In fact, no president has ever been removed from office in US history.
The two previous impeachment trials against Andrew Johnson (1868)
and Bill Clinton (1999) failed. President Richard Nixon was in 1974
a charge in the Watergate affair by his resignation

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