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Germany wins against Belarus | TIME ONLINE


The German handball players showed a reaction of defiance at the European Championship and got off to a successful start in the main round. Driven by numerous German fans in the Wiener Stadthalle, the DHB selection opposed the evening with 31:23 (18:11) Belarus through and thus preserved the chance of the semi-finals. The strong Timo Kastening was the best pitcher of the team of national coach Christian Prokop in front of around 5,500 spectators with six goals.

"We showed a significant increase in performance in all parts of the team. That's why I'm satisfied," said the coach. After the weaker games in Trondheim, it was simply a matter of "only concentrating on one game. The cover should play with 100 percent commitment today, we succeeded," said Prokop on ARD.

Shows the German team in the second main round game on January 18. against the still loss-free Croatians a similarly energetic performance is also a success in the key game against the fellow favorites.

Even a half-time faux pas didn't get the transformed DHB selection against the Belarusians out of step. Backguard Julius Kühn was forgotten in the cabin shortly before the beginning of the second half and was locked up. Kühn then knocked on the inside and was released, the ARD reported.

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