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Federal and state governments agree on shutdown plan for coal power plants TIME ONLINE


The federal government and the federal states with lignite regions have agreed on a schedule for the shutdown of coal-fired power plants. The dpa reported that the government had presented the prime ministers of North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg a decommissioning path that they had agreed to. Now the federal government wants to contractually stipulate this path with the operators of the lignite-fired power plants and opencast mines. In January the bill for the coal exit get started and be adopted by the middle of the year.

A year ago, the government coal commission had already laid down the main features of the coal phase-out, which are now to be implemented. It is clear that the last power plant should be off the grid by 2038 at the latest. According to the dpa, it should be checked in 2026 and 2029 whether the planned decommissioning dates can be moved forward by three years after 2030 in order to reach the closing date in 2035.

The decommissioning path was initially not known in detail. According to the dpa, however, he ensures that the Hambacher Forest in North Rhine-Westphalia is not cleared for the adjacent open-cast mine. The forest had become a symbol for the fight of climate protection against coal power. The federal government promised an adjustment allowance for employees in lignite and hard coal power plants as well as in open-cast mines, which will be paid until 2043.

The four heads of government of the federal states met with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Federal Ministers for Energy, Climate Protection and Finance in the Chancellery for more than six hours.

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