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Binance will soon announce a partnership with Giant Yahoo! Japan


According to reports, the giant cryptocurrency exchange Binance is about to start a strategic partnership with Yahoo! Japan, however, neither Binance nor the other party have confirmed it yet.

The ‘creator of associations’ most famous in the field of cryptography has so far been Tron, which last year partnered with South Korean giant Samsung and recently acquired the DLive streaming application.

However, several announcements made by Tron, such as its association with Liverpool FC, have proven to be simple rumors.

Businessman Alexandre Dreyfus has shared an article from the biggest Japanese news media blockchain Coinjinja. Citing Korean media, he says Binance is about to enter into an important partnership with Yahoo! Japan.

The article cites an interview with Binance's CEO, CZ, with the South Korean media, in which he talks about an upcoming partnership between Binance and Yahoo! Japan.

CZ promised to make an official announcement on Friday, January 17.

Businessman Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz ($ CHZ), points out that if this news is true, this will be a massive step towards Binance's global expansion.

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