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Michael Flynn withdraws admission of guilt in Russia affair | TIME ONLINE


Former US national security advisor Michael Flynn wants to withdraw his admission of guilt as part of the Russia affair. He didn't want to plead guilty, the US federal police FBI lied to in the Russian investigation. This emerged from documents that were submitted to the court on Tuesday. Flynn said that prosecutors had acted maliciously and violated an agreement with him.

Flynn admitted in 2017 that he had lied to the FBI for talking to the then Russian ambassador to the United States. In the discussions, he had therefore asked that Russia don't increase tensions with the US. This was prompted by the previous government under President Barack Obama imposed sanctions for Moscow's election interference.

One of Trump's closest employees

Flynn was one of the closest employees of the US President at the time Donald Trump, Flynn was cooperative in the Russian investigation by special investigator Robert Mueller and met with prosecutors several times. These investigated whether Trump's campaign team coordinated with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Flynn is one of half a dozen Trump employees accused of the Mueller investigation. All six either admitted misconduct or were found guilty in a trial. The U.S. Department of Justice believes Flynn may be sentenced to up to six months in prison.


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