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Markus Söder suggests exchange of CSU federal ministers | TIME ONLINE


CSU chief Markus Söder has fueled speculation about a new filling of ministerial posts in Berlin and thereby
a change of CSU ministers in the Federal government Not
locked out. The party must in some places about the content
also show "that our claim will go beyond 2021," said
the Bavarian Prime Minister at the retreat of the
CSU parliamentary group in the Upper Bavarian monastery Seeon.

For an election to be successful, it is crucial to generate more dynamism, said Söder: "I will be my contribution as CSU leader alongside the
reorganize the content. "That includes personnel
Need additions. "The survey values ​​of individual people are also included
us always a yardstick, "said the Bavarian Prime Minister.

The Augsburg General reported that the CSU chief federal transport minister Andreas Scheuer and want to exchange Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer. "Both are only a burden for the CSU," quotes the newspaper from party circles.

Encouragement for scouring drops to 16 percent

 According to reports, a cabinet reshuffle in the federal government could be pending
 but not decided yet. For new momentum for the upcoming 2021 at the latest
The new CSU ministers would need to generate a general election
enough time, it says. From the Christian Social Union it can be heard that the development in the surveys will only partially determine the timing.

One published on Wednesday Bavarian survey
had revealed that the Bavaria with the three CSU ministers in the
Federal government are sometimes very dissatisfied. Bottom is
Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer, who only had an encouragement
of 16 percent comes and also in an investigation committee
Responsible for the toll debacle. Cut a little better
Development Minister Gerd Müller with 27 percent and Federal Minister of the Interior
Horst Seehofer with 39 percent. Scheuer is also the only one of
The majority of CSU supporters were critically evaluated. 52 percent of Bavaria are
 for a reshuffle.

The party leadership therefore does too
especially the federal policy for the 36 percent survey value of the CSU in Bavaria
responsible: "This survey is a clear mean of the
political situation in the federal government and in Bavaria, "said Secretary General
Markus Blume. He referred to the high approval ratings for Söder
 and the state government. "One can clearly see: The
The federal government faces challenges. There can and must
we are increasing. "At the same time, the CSU general secretary said:" The Greens
are and remain our main competitor. "

The Greens in Bavaria now reach 25
Percent approval – after 17.6 percent in the recent state election. It
 followed by free voters and AfD with ten each and the SPD with seven percent.


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