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Independence veto Podemos to fix its position before the Sánchez-Torra meeting


Pedro Sánchez and Quim Torra will meet shortly. The meeting between the President of the Government and that of the Generalitat will take place as soon as the head of the State Executive puts in order his newly released Government, a time of grace that the leader of the Catalan Government will use to seek a position agreed with independence face to this encounter. The deep discrepancies that run through the separatist movement are making it impossible for parties and entities to agree, no longer in the contents, but in who should be in the meetings prior to the State-Catalonia summit.

The schism between the partner parties in the Government of the Generalitat has become evident in recent days by the composition of this Catalan table that will dictate to Torra its agenda in the meeting with Sánchez. The spark between ERC and Junts per Catalunya this time has jumped by the ANC opposition to the presence of Catalunya In Comú, on the grounds that Podemos already sits next to the PSOE on the other side of the negotiations, so it cannot be part of both sides.

In a statement, the organization has claimed that the "Catalan table before the bilateral" is formed exclusively by parties, entities and independent social actors, excluding the commons. His request has raised the reproach of ERC, whose spokesman in Congress, Gabriel Rufián, has described as "huge mistake" that the ANC is shown to be exclusive, since "We are here to add and not to subtract".

Rufián's comments have been answered by the JxCat spokeswoman at Barcelona City Council, Elsa Artadi, who endorsed the ANC thesis that the space led by Jaume Asens and Ada Colau is excluded as the platform of Podemos in Catalonia. The fear of the movement that advocates for Catalan self-determination is that the leftist force condition the contents of this table to be both judge and party.

Both the postconvergents and the entity led by Elisenda Paluzie focus the meeting between Sánchez and Torra and those who will continue between Generalitat and Moncola as a period of negotiations between the pro-independence parties and the Government. And the commons are placed under the spectrum of Podemos, therefore, they are from the "other side."

The rain of comments from these last days has continued with those of the mayor of Barcelona. Colau has taken sides in the dispute with a warning to the ANC: the dialogue stage "is incompatible with sectarianism." Catalunya in Comú, which is negotiating Catalan budgets with the Government of Torra, nothing has fit well that he is not allowed to attend this table because "it is unreasonable to want to exclude a fundamental part of the country." Of course, parliamentary sources remember that it is not up to Paluzie to decide who will participate in the meeting of parties and entities, so they hope to finally attend.


Torra, between the sword and the wall by the controversy raised and aware that the commons are his crutch in the approval of the next accounts of the Generalitat, has been limited to convene the table of parties with representation in the Parliament this Friday at the Palau de la Generalitat at 5:00 p.m. in its third edition.

The leader of the communs in the Parliament, Jéssica Albiach, has opted for this space to be the one that sets the position of the Government before the central Executive: "If we do not prepare there what the Generalitat will transfer in the bilateral meeting with the Government, what will the meeting be for? " Albiach has also suggested that the president invite the entities to this table so as not to duplicate dialogue spaces.

Sanchez, meanwhile, oblivious to the controversy, said he has no problem meeting with the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, "because he is still president of the Generalitat". Moreover, he said he will be "delighted to see you to launch the dialogue that is so necessary."


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