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Binance announces perpetual contracts with Tron within its platform.


Binance announced through its Twitter on Tuesday, January 14, the launch of perpetual contracts with the Tron cryptocurrency. This is the latest development of its futures contract platform, which recently announced developments with Ripple's XRP token and the EOS cryptocurrency.

TRX perpetual contracts available

After perpetual contracts with XRP and EOS, Binance announced on Twitter that it has launched future contracts with TRX, the Tron network cryptocurrency.

"Binance Futures will launch the perpetual TRX / USDT contract with a leverage of up to 75x."

Like the other perpetual contracts recently launched by the exchange futures trading platform, the leverage will be up to 75 times and the pair will be with Tether's stable money, USDT. According to the declaration established in the publication, perpetual contracts will be launched at 5:00 am on January 15 (Brasilia time).

Binance also states in the statement that to avoid market manipulation, a value limit of approximately 1% will be implemented in the stipulated mark during the first 15 minutes after the start of negotiations.

Apparently, only XRP had a great appreciation after the announcement of its perpetual contracts. The EOS at the time of the announcement had no impact on its value.

TRX already appreciated only 0.67%, a movement that cannot even be attributed to the announcement if the good phase of the market on Tuesday is taken into account.

Binance now has Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP, EOS and TRX futures contracts.

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