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A bitcoin trend seems to be brewing


In the absence of the closure of the weekly sail, the truth is that everything suggests that, finally, bitcoin ends up confirming above the resistance it presents in the upper part of the bearish channel.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

While it is true that the sensations are not bad, I would prefer to wait for the closing of the weekly candle to have more confirmation about if finally the price of the bitcoin He has been able to jump clearly over the top of the bearish channel, as at this moment it seems he can get. If confirmed, the theory says that at least it should go up the width of the channel, which would take it to levels close to $ 11,000-11,500. Although the most important resistance we have in the highs of 2019 at $ 14,000. On the other hand, the volume also reaffirms us in the possibility that the movement is serious, since the last sessions, as well as the rupture of the bearish channel, is taking place with a clear increase in negotiation. And that is always good when it comes to breaking up.

Daily chart of the future of bitcoin in the last year


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