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XRP marking higher and higher highs, time to correct?


The native Ripple token (XRP) is presenting as a large part of cryptocurrencies a very positive increase in the last 24 hours. We are reaching extremely high and risky levels for buyers.

In the following graph we see how the price remains above $ 0.2369 at the moment, going from $ 0.20800 to $ 0.2400 in less than 24 hours, the equivalent of 16%. Right now we are at very risky levels for the purchase, with high chances of seeing a pullback at any time.

A correction would be the healthiest at the moment, to go back to look for the $ 0.24 again this week, we have a resistance over the $ 0.24300 that could not be overcome at all, a pullback up to $ 0.229 seems to be a good option for buyers to attack in that area.

The RSI already went on overbought, and we have a small divergence formed with respect to the previous impulse, this time the buying force was smaller, which could indicate that it is time to rest a little.

There is always the option of continuing upward, in this case a serious entry in the breakdown of the current maximum, over $ 0.24500. Given that it would be a risky entry due to the verticality formed in XRP.

The XRP input marking higher and higher maximums, time to correct? It was first published in Crypto Report.

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