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Sued with a law from the time of dictatorship TIME ONLINE


Instead of going to university,
Graduating student Víctor Chanfreau may have to go to prison this year.
The 18-year-old is the spokesman for the Asamblea
Coordinadora de Estudiantes Secundarios (ACES)
, a national assembly
by students in Chile,
The Chilean government sued him for boycotting the
Has called the entrance examination for the universities PSU.

The PSU (Prueba de Selección
Universitaria) is a standardized examination of which school graduates in Chile
in four subjects: Spanish, Maths, History and
Natural sciences. The result determines whether you have a place in one
University gets. "The PSU prefers those students who have a private school
can visit or afford a tutor and discriminated
those who cannot afford it, "says Chanfreau, one
attended public school. "It is an expression of what is determined by the market
Education system in Chile. That is why we decided to oppose it

Instead of taking the exam,
burned thousands of students across Chile last year
Monday and Tuesday the test sheets, tables and chairs threw out
Windows and protested in the playgrounds. At over 80 schools
PSU therefore did not take place, there were about 300,000 pupils
affected. The history exam had to be completely canceled after the tasks
published on social networks. There were violent ones
Clashes between students, parents and police officers. In Santiago a father struck at Liceo 7
in the Nuñoa district of a student, in Pudahuel became a teenager
hit by a police car.

"Our criticism is not just directed
against the PSU, but against the social inequality caused by the
Education system is strengthened, "says Chanfreau." There is good education in Chile
at private schools, the public schools are in a very precarious state
Status. They exist to create cheap labor while at the
Private schools engineers and lawyers are trained. "

Privatization plays a big role in Chilean
Education System. Only about 30 percent of children and adolescents attend a public school, another 60 percent attend a so-called Colegios particulares subvencionados, state-subsidized but privately run schools. Another eight percent attend a purely private school. However, one
Space at a private school in Chile up to 800
Cost euros per month. However, half of the population earns less
500 euros per month. Therefore, a good one remains
Training the privilege of a small elite.

Last year, only 30 percent of school leavers received from public
Schools a place at a university. At the private schools, however, were
on the other hand, 78 percent.

It has always been so in the last few decades
protests again in Chile. In 2006 it came to
so-called "revolution of the penguins" – based on the black and white
School uniforms – in 2011 the student organizations organized together
with the students. Your demand is an end today as it was then
of the privatized education system, which in the wake of the neoliberal reforms
was introduced during the Pinochet dictatorship. "We want a public,
free, qualitative and uniform education system, "says Chanfreau.

You want change

It was also the students and
Schoolchildren who protested against the increase on 18 October 2018
Prices of the subway in Santiago sparked a national uprising that lasted until
continues today. "We are no longer just concerned with the education system. We
organize us with the other social groups and share theirs
Demands such as higher pensions, a better health care system and
a public drinking water supply, "said the 18-year-old student.

A new one is scheduled for April in Chile
Be voted on, but concrete solutions for the
The government has so far not had any structural social problems. She did especially with violence and repression on the demands of the students and
School girls reacted. Education Minister Marcela Cubillos announced that all
those who have called for the boycott of the PSU from a possible one
Exclude repetition of the test. That means that those affected this year
can't start studying. "A teenager who publicly used violence
calls, must face the consequences. Chile is a constitutional state, "the minister said on Canal T13 on Victor Chanfreau.

The Home Office also announced
an, Chanfreau and 33 other people who participated in the boycott of the PSU
have to sue based on the National Security Act. "The law penalizes incitement
a public service and that's exactly what happened because of the disruption
public order and a call to drop off the exam, "said Juan Francisco Galli, State Secretary of the Interior Ministry
a press conference.

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