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Missile attack on military base in Iraq | TIME ONLINE


in the Iraq Another military base, which also contains US forces, has been attacked with rockets. The Iraqi military said that several Katyusha-type missiles had been fired at the Taji camp, around 30 kilometers north of the capital, Baghdad. There were no victims. Until recently, Bundeswehr soldiers were stationed in Taji.

Over the past few days, rockets have been launched in Iraq near bases where US troops are stationed. The Balad base was hit on Sunday. A possible background is retaliation by Iran for the killing of General Kassem Soleimani by the USA. Last week, Iran attacked several targets in Iraq that international troops are using.

The suspicion is mostly directed against Shiite militias that are allied with neighboring Iran. Like Iran, they want US troops to be withdrawn from the country.

The Bundeswehr recently transferred its soldiers from Erbil in the north to Jordan, from where it has long supported international military action against the "Islamic State". It was announced on Sunday that the Bundeswehr had stopped its reconnaissance flights from there.

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