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Latest advances and updates of Cardano (ADA)


Recently, Charles Hoskinson, founder of the Cardano project (ADA), released a video on YouTube, in which he gave updates to the community about developments and the progress of the blockchain.

The first thing Hoskinson spoke about was the recent Incentivized Testnet (ITN) and the fact that it was launched near the Christmas holidays. This moment has led to a series of challenges, partly because the development team was on vacation and some errors were found, which will be solved in the coming weeks with new updates.

These problems are related to the saturation of the groups, which has forced many to open parallel groups, creating enough problems for the Cardano community.

Regarding the ITN, Hoskinson has noted that the synergy between users and interest groups has been very beneficial, there would have been a lot of interaction between different users, both between those who actually created and managed the groups and between the users who chose the interest groups more convenient in terms of rewards.

This, explained the founder of Cardano, has allowed to gather important data on how to improve and integrate new functions.

Among other things, Hoskinson himself has announced Recentlywho has commissioned a series of video tutorials on the ITN and will be released soon.

As for the code, Hoskinson explained that they are used so much Haskell how Rust, codes that have been designed and used for different purposes in order to solve different problems.

Finally, he talked about Cardano's agenda for this year and its updates: first, they will try to complete Ouroboros, which has been going on for 5 years. To finish it, Cardano has established partnerships, in particular with Peter Schwabe, to integrate a post-quantum firm for Cardano.

The entire ecosystem that revolves around Cardano, like the various wallets and nodes, will also undergo new updates to improve with new features. Currently, in fact, for Hoskinson, there is still a way to go for the commercial vision of the project, since it is still too early to define Cardano as a complete blockchain.

Hoskinson also mentioned future projects that will be integrated and continued, such as an Oracle system similar to Chainlink, but that will be a patented solution that will interact with data from the outside world.

A part of the video was also dedicated to the commercial developments of the project that, thanks to Plutus and Marlowe, will pass from a laboratory test phase to a field phase.

In other words, according to the founder, 2020 will be Cardano's year.

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