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Government officials on the U-Committee were on duty with Amri | TIME ONLINE


The Bundestag's committee of inquiry on the Berlin Christmas market attack in 2016 again criticized a government representative employed there. As can be seen from an email from the Federal Ministry of the Interior to the committee, the employee of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, who was regularly seconded to the meetings, was involved "on the side in two cases" in the environment of the assassin Anis Amri, but only on a representative basis. The man had previously been involved in business matters that are now the subject of the reviews.

According to the letter, he was specifically concerned with a case involving the Islamist Abu Walaa, who was considered the German governor of the terrorist militia "Islamic State" and had personally met with Amri. In the other case, it was about a friend who was friends with Amri.

It is the duty of the constitutional protection officer to intervene in the questioning of witnesses in the committee if internal service is addressed beyond the subject of the investigation. However, as a participant in the Amri proceedings, he would potentially be considered for a witness hearing himself. Several media had reported on the further inconsistency.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior had already admitted an error in the composition of the committee in 2018. It had previously become known that an ex-employee of the protection of the Constitution worked there in the Islamism department and was a potential witness. The ministry pulled the woman out of the committee.

Committee members of the Left and Greens reacted indignantly to the new incident. The left-wing chairwoman Martina Renner said, according to the WDR, about the current case of the constitutional protector: "It is clear that he has so far deliberately concealed his true role." The Green Irene Mihalic criticized loudly taz: "It should come as no surprise when the public gets the impression that the investigation work is being steered in the interest of the Federal Government."


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