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Big march in front of the Michel, hundreds have come to make the final wait for Jan Fedder. The police must keep the cobblestones in front of the entrance so that the hearse – an old Mercedes from 1983, after all, was the deceased collector of vintage cars – can get through. Ben Becker looks out of the window of the "Old Commercial Room" at the people standing around Michel with red eyes, handkerchiefs in his hand and "Bye Jan" posters in his arms. The gentlemen with cowboy hats and black western outfits – these are truck stop, which is the theme tune Großstadtrevier have played! In the church the song will be heard later in an organ version, outside in front of a screen – yes, there is public viewing – around 500 people will be humming it: "Big sharks, little fish … here in the big city area."

Uschi Glas, Klaus Meine, Hugo Egon Balder, HPBaxxter and Reinhold Beckmann came, Olivia Jones stalked through the crowd in a black dress and with a pink crotch and said: "We all have to thank him for the great entertainment he gave us. "

A folk actor died, to be honest: someone who rarely got beyond the North German evening program. For people who have been socialized south of Hanover and west of Bremen, it is therefore difficult to explain what is going on here in the north.

For the funeral service of Jan Fedder, the port ferries and the taxi drivers let their typhons and horns tune in unison, the NDR broadcasts the fair in full length and more, so much funeral broadcasting time has recently been spent on Helmut Schmidt. Well, the Chancellor did not come, but of course Hamburg Mayor Peter Tschentscher. And the second mayor Katharina Fegebank also came.

Hamburg's police chief Ralf Martin Meyer delivers one of the funeral speeches, after all, the deceased, who would have turned 65 on the day of his funeral, has his greatest success as patrol officer Dirk Matthies in the deeply harmless and friendly way Großstadtrevier celebrated. And Fedder would not be a popular actor if his audience hadn't identified him one hundred percent with the grumpy, chumsy law enforcement officers from the neighborhood. Many police officers have replaced their profile picture on the social media with that of Fedder, said the police chief in his funeral speech. Fedder played in his role a policeman who "had a lot of time for the concerns of people, a heart for the little people, for the weaker".

The funeral service as an image booster for the Hamburg police battered by the G20?


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