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Abuse cases in Lügde and Bergisch Gladbach could be related | TIME ONLINE


The cases of abuse by Lügde and Bergisch Gladbach According to several media reports, North Rhine-Westphalia may be related. Family members of the suspect from Bergisch Gladbach had had parking spaces for years on a campsite that is at the center of the investigation in Lügde, the WDR and RTL channels reported, citing investigative circles. Accordingly, testimonies indicated the possible connection.

According to the WDR report, the suspect's grandfather had been out
Bergisch Gladbach from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s
leased a parking space in Lügde in East Westphalia. He should also
have previously been convicted of child abuse themselves
called from investigators. Even a cousin of the accused
used a camping car in Lügde between 2005 and 2009. Have this
he later on the now convicted main perpetrator of Lügde

The Lügde case is one of the largest known cases of abuse in Germany. In September, two men were sentenced to prison terms, followed by preventive detention. They had children and teenagers in several hundred cases at the campsite North Rhine-Westphalia sexually abused and partially filmed.

The mass abuse of children in Bergisch Gladbach was uncovered by members of a chat network. The investigation began with the arrest of a suspect in October, and there have now been ten arrests.


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